Nuit Blues

The Como Mamas

Leyla McCalla Trio

Music Maker Blues Revue

From New Orleans to North Carolina, take a dive into the burning heart of Blues. Saxophonist Raphaël Imbert, a Fourvière favourite ever since Music is my Home (2015) and his tribute to Paul Robeson (2016), will be accompanying us in this incredible musical journey.

Created in 1994 to defend the cause of Southern Blues and protect its musicians from poverty and oblivion, the Music Maker Relief Foundation is an inexhaustible gold mine for music enthusiasts. And their Revue is proof of just that. Here is a super-group made up of big shots that have all left a significant imprint on the genre, whether playing solo, like Alabama Slim and Robert Finley, or alongside Taj Mahal, Bo Diddley or James Brown. Each concert of this living legend is an intense moment of communion: a voluptuous celebration of the timeless splendours of blues where, as Finley — one of the Foundation’s most precious finds — sings it “Age Don’t Mean a Thing”.

Hailing from the town of Como, Mississippi, Ester Mae Smith, Angela Taylor and Della Daniels were born, raised and brewed in the boiling cauldron of Gospel, work songs and Negro spirituals. In a place wrought by slavery and segregation, their a cappella songs addressed to the Almighty resound like ecstatic prayers and fight songs. More than just harmonies, their volcanic voices project steamy clouds of sound, which is probably why they were invited to join the catalogue of the famous Soul/Funk label Daptone Records.

In 2010, Leyla McCalla emerged out of the blue with her cello and resonant voice in the streets of New Orleans, interpreting Bach’s Suites as well as a repertoire borrowed from Cajun, Folk and traditional Haitian music. Since then, with just two albums, she has established herself as one of the finest ambassadors of Creole Blues, standing gracefully at the crossroads of all the different styles that nourish her music.

On the evening of the concert, starting at 6:30 pm, there will be a free talk and aperitif with Raphael Imbert on the ancient site of Fourvière, 6 rue de l'Antiquaille.
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