The rap world has changed since they arrived in the game. Unknowingly, with no permission except the one they granted themselves, the two bros have even changed its rules. Let’s bid farewell to Sunday tough guys swaddled in their rubbish gold as fake as their unsteady beats and their flow below zero. Bigflo & Oli have set, in only two years, the record straight and put the weaklings back in the forefront.

Two albums, two classics. We weight our words and these two weight so much that we don’t need to count how many times their music videos have been watched or the number of copies they have sold to take them seriously. It is in fact at the heart of their work, in their finely chiseled lyrics, that their game is played. The two bros populate their poems with characters whose fate is tragic or affecting and through which they narrate the youth, prostitution, domestic violence, burnout, families and thousand of other topics.

This quality of observation and musical flow is also present in the music of the duet Fixpen Sill which released the much acclaimed A4637, they will have the honor to open the night.

After Bigflo & Oli’s fiery show, the national day fireworks will illuminate Fourviere’s sky to open the dance floor for DJ Fly’s after party.