In 2014, his show at the Grand Théâtre has been one of our most memorable events. Now in 2018, Daho has chosen Fourvière to launch a new tour following his eleventh album, Blitz, and we can already forecast an electric and flamboyant blast. Because he who describes himself as a “survivor full of holes” actually comes back as a spry, regenerated creator reinventing his elegant frenchiness by conjuring psychedelic haze and wide sonic spaces. Sublimating every mood- lowdowns, threats, mournings, Daho invites us to “travel light”. It is a true manifesto for this godfather of french pop who now expresses like no one else the distressing sway of a lifetime. In the meantime he also demonstrates how good he is at completing circles : to open for him, he is inviting the promising Calypso Valois, daughter of Eli & Jacno, who were, back in the days, his first guiding lights and mentors.