For the first time in France



Carlos Acosta, lead dancer of the London Royal Ballet

Few people in France know about Carlos Acosta, yet the rest of the world celebrates this Cuban dancer and his assertive temperament. Across the Atlantic, he is considered to be a cross between Baryshnikov and Noureev. England has adopted him by bringing him in the English National Ballet and the Royal Ballet. As a kid in Cuba, he grew up in a district of La Havana (Arroyo Naranjo) and was allergic to school. In the suburbs where he frequently hung out, he fancied himself as a professional soccer player, but was then forced to enter the Alejo Carpentier ballet school in order to get focused. Recalcitrant at first, he grew to like ballet. This is how the story started, he grabbed all the prizes, and one amazing performance after the other, has become one of the world’s most respected dancers. He has then founded his own studio and dance company in La Havana. Nothing could suit him better than a 5 acts program, gathering dancers and companies directed by choreographers from all over the world including Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, so as to embrace a panoramic vision of his art.