The Blaze is a duet formed by Guillaume and Jonathan Alric. Two cousins that have gone, in the space of two years, from the statute of “up and coming young duet of the French electronic music scene” to one of “international sensation”. First, there were the music videos for Virile and Territory, two gems thought and shot as short films, making an impact by the beauty of their productions and the ambiguity of their narratives. After a torrent of compliments from the likes of Romain Gavras and Barry Jenkins, the public success of Territory (22 millions views on YouTube) allowed them to enter the line-up of electronic and rock music festival. Because The Blaze can play both. Their melancholic and ethereal house music has enough soul to make the music-lover vibrate and enough vivacity to make the clubbers dance. In 2018, they released their debut album Dancehall, again supported by a series of sensational music videos. Their first appearance at the Grand théâtre might suspend time.