“It might be over soon” says Justin Vernon, or rather makes it said by the sampled voice of the legendary gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, altered with a vocoder, so that one is unsure whether it is him, her, a child or a robot that talks to open his third album 22, a Million. What might be definitely over is Bon Iver’s organic treatment of vocal recording. Throughout the album, vocoder is here, with more or less intensity, to mutate Vernon’s voice. A legion of horns, complex drum patterns, saxophone solos, synthesisers, electronic loops... In 2016, the work of the Wisconsin native took a decisive turn. 22, a Million is at the crossroads of folk music, orchestral pop, hip-hop and jazz. A Kanye West kind of stroke - a stroke of genius, in other words - through which the American songwriter succeeded in making his music enter a new era. An astonishment but not a surprise for us who saw him back in 2012 on the stage of the Grand théâtre where his sublime transmutation was already taking shape. What a treat to see him again.