with the students of Jean-Francois Silvadier 78th year group

Coupe Royale, from Shakespeare

Quoi de neuf, quoi de neuf dans notre état fragile ? (“What’s new, what’s new our fragile state ?”)

Richard III, Acte III, scene 2.

No need to introduce the people behind Comp. Marius. They have been on many of the festival line-ups throughout the years, taking their set in unusual sites and displaying the vastness of their repertoire (Pagnol, Beaumarchais, Dickens). This year, Waas Gramser and Kris Van Trier will submit themselves to a teaching job of transmitting their noble and singular practice of drama.

They will teach their form and dramaturgy to the 78th departing year group of the ENSATT (Grande Ecole of Arts and Techniques of Theatre). Their choice focuses on Shakespeare’s ten royal tragedies. Coupe royale will be a collage whose process will consist in setting a context where the social and political mechanisms of the plays, its emotional and intellectual stakes will be interpreted in a new concrete framework of acting.

On stage, an autonomous microcosm will depict those movements while keeping the original moments of Shakespeare dramas. It will happen outdoor, as always, and together they will invent, that is certain, a special art of hosting the audience.

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