Bona de la Frontera

Bona de la Frontera is Richard Bona and his new project. A 51-year-old dazzling bassist, Bona is a partner for international stars, singer like his mother, griot like his grand-father, and champion of Minta, Cameroon where he was born in 1967.

At Fourvière, Bona presents his “flamenco project” with the current Masters of the genre: Antonio Rey (guitar), Maria Rey (cantaora, dance), Paco Vega (percussions and Pedro Cordoba (dance). In Andalucia, “la frontera” is the name used to qualify many pueblos and cities (Jerez de la Frontera), the founding memory of the Granada kingdom and its outlines, but frontiers are made to be crossed.

Bona de la Frontera holds a genuine find : flamenco is fatal, both for the compas (its rhythm), and for its spirit: regardless of frontiers, for the best of people. A singularly modern project: Bona de La Frontera!

Dhafer Youssef, same age as Bona, same universalism against a backdrop of personal history, same grace. Virtuosity is for them the least of things. Tunisian udist, composer, exceptional singer, Dhafer Youssef went from hometown wedding celebration to the musical scene of Vienna (Austria).  Then he settled in Paris to spread the soufi tradition and arabic lyricism. And across the borders where his genius requires it.

Ziryab, his first band, was named after an illustrious musician. Galibi ala Galback is a hymn to his mother. The sense of improvisation, as Bora’s (one of his top-choice partner), he got it from jazz. The rest, all the rest, they got it on their own.