Nights Musical Salons


Le Pari des Bretelles (“A Bet on Braces”)

The “bet” that gives the program its name is that the accordion, native of suburb and working-class district, has eventually earned its place in all musical styles and environments. Taking example on illustrious elders - such as Richard Galliano whom he covers Petite Suite Francaise and the Tango Pour Claude- Félicien Brut is the brilliant emblem of a generation that has fashioned its art by practicing in ballrooms as much as in conservatories. Since 2017, his accordion has connected with the bows of the Quatuor Hermès and upright bass player Edouard Macarez to go across territories “where it was not expected to be”. Opening with a tribute to Marcel Azzola (Brel’s Vesoul), this “Bet on Braces” immediately goes to explore the realm of formal music with three new transcripts of Gershwin (An American In Paris), Prokofiev and Piazzolla realised with composer Thibault Perrine. It is a piece especially written for the occasion by Perrine that will conclude this off-grid journey, a Musette Suite which will echo majestically the previous night in this same Salle Molière, dedicated to the history of this genre.