We all remember Turn on the Bright Lights. Interpol’s 2002 debut album released in the middle of a guitar-oriented rock revival, was the kind of record kids would trade on burnt CDR at recess. It would end up selling more than 400 000 copies.

Thus would Interpol enter the history of pop music, in the most noble way : appearing both on the front cover of the NME and to illustrate the first kiss between Rachel and Joey in Friends. Interpol has kept working to maintain this unique sound, adding with each step several strings to their bow - hits, on Antics and Our Love To Admire, a more nuanced vocal approach, on Interpol and El Pintor. With their sixth album Marauder, the New York trio opens again to new tones, bluesy, psychedelic and even funky, and thus release one of their best records.

Before them, the British quintet IDLES will open the night with a both political and cathartic program one could summarise with the titles of their two albums : Brutalism and Joy as an Act of Resistance. A both arrowing and sublime kind of rock music. It’s been ages since we have not been overwhelmed by such intelligent and graceful racket.