Courage is certainly required to write a rock album at age 34, after a musical career studying classical and jazz. In 2015, Reims’ Jeanne Added decided to go solo and delivered Be Sensational, an astonishing post-punk record supported by its thundery, darker than black opening hit A War Is Coming. A booming success, a sublime tour in its wake and the bet was won, the bravery rewarded. Courage was needed once again to wipe the slate clean and start again from a blank page. Instead of making the logical successor to Be Sensational that everyone was expecting, Jeanne Added sprang a surprise with Radiate, a luminous and peaceful sophomore album, almost entirely opposite to its predecessor. The result is splendid. With this record and a wide recognition awarded at les Victoires de la Musique, she now plays in the big league.

Bravery is also what one can find in the music of Lyon group Saint Sadrill. Vocal clouds, electronic reveries, electric moments: surveying uncharted paths they reach heights of grace literally unheard-of.