Here is what we would legitimately call a “clash of the Titans”, or a “meeting between legends” and no one would accuse us of going too far. Both active since the late 60’s, King Crimson and Magma had never shared the same bill ; it was time to repair such an anomaly at last. Especially since these two wild bunches, as incomparable as they might be, share a significant common trait : they are both respectively informed by the visions of a single man - the guitarist Robert Fripp for King Crimson, the drummer and singer Christian Vander for Magma.

Fripp and Vander are both insatiable searchers, two stubborn geniuses who have used the force of a collective to drag rock music out of its foundation and invent uncharted sonic territories, fusing in a burning swirl classical music with free jazz, the minimal with the ambient, ethereal melodies alongside sheer chaos... On the night of July 2nd, the Grand théâtre will be like a vast and gorgeous open-air construction field.

Needless to say that absolutely no protection will be required.