First time in France



Based on the novel by Charles Dickens

After exploring the french repertoire (Pagnol and Beaumarchais ), Wass Gramser and Kris Van Trier (Comp. Marius) have decided to look upon the late 19th century’s English society with the piercing acuity of Charles Dickens. L’Ami Commun (Our Mutual Friend) starts near the shore of a Thames sweeping corpses along. From this principle, a fascinating whodunit emerges along with a love story, where the different plots revolving around eccentric characters get eventually entangled. 6 actors play the parts of 30 different characters from the upper and lower classes. As it happens every year, the play includes gourmet breaks for each interlude and the spectators let themselves get caught by the fantasy atmosphere of the tale as much as the biting truth about the danger of a society drawn by its own cupidity.