Creation, co-production

Les chiens de Navarre, Jean-Christophe Meurisse

Tout le monde ne peut pas être orphelin

(“Not everyone can be an orphan”)

91 % of French people affirm that being in the presence of their family on a daily basis is essential.

I often feel like one of the misfits in the remaining 9 %. I’ve personally never really believed in the concept of family ; my past life being, from this point of view, such a structural and affective disaster. Paradoxically, the project, the idea itself moves me, since I have myself founded a family. I could have used my right as a human to refuse conception, but I said yes but what is there to perpetuate  ? Christmas Eves ? Ear infections ? Some love ?

This large spectrum of emotions, this inner turmoil contained in this self-investigation is the ideal starting point to try to understand what represents this intimate social circle, both strange and violent.

As it is always risky, since we write for stage directions and improvisation, to conceptualise one play’s intention a year in advance, here is a list of titles that did not make the final cut, still remaining in close relation to what we are currently testing on stage :

Les enfants préfèrent les jeux vidéos à la choucroute  “Children prefer video games to sauerkraut” - Maman, joue-nous Médée !  “Mama, will you act like Medea ?” - Les arts ménagers  “The household arts”- Contes et légendes du péage de Saint-Arnoult  “Legends and fairy tales from the Saint-Arnoult toll booths”- Pleure, tu pisseras moins “Cry, you will piss less”- Famille broyeur  “Grinder family”- Dolto cul  “Dolto ass” - Les parents nourrissaient leurs enfants avec du Coca “The parents fed their children with Coke”- Ton frère est en bas qui fait du nougat “Your brother’s downstairs making some nougat”- Deux ou trois choses sur nos tribus  “Two or three things about our tribes”- I will survive

Jean-Christophe MEURISSE