Creation, co-production


Charles Pennequin / Guillaume Bailliart / ARFI/ Choeur Spirito

“The earthling is far away now, so far away that he sees himself as not earthling anymore, he says : I’m not an earthling anymore, I’m a resident of nothing, I’m a nonearthling and I live in the nowhere more”. Thus speaks the Lille poet, Charles Pennequin, a shambolic writer and confirmed polygraph, instigator of numerous reviews, blogs and other outpourings such as the renowned Armée Noire.

Fullfilling a grouped order by the ARFI and the Spirito choir, he wrote the booklet of an interplanetary adventure for two singers (a man and a woman), a quantic computer, a woman choir (Spirito) and the extravagant Marmite Infernale (ARFI).

A rocket takes off the Earth to escape a disaster. Poetic invention is its fuel; imagination is its destination. The journey will be long and there is no coming back. The crew on board : men and women with singular languages. The female captain is Thérémine, the indisputable chief, due to her scientific knowledge. The poet is Vélimir, a tireless writer and thinker, the rocket’s energy. Cantos is the quantic on-board computer. After a carnal love gathering between Thérémine and Vélimir, Cantos takes over the ship’s control and self-mutilate all of its circuits. As a consequence, the rocket heads inexorably toward the sun... unless...

And thus the utopia of an imaginary folklore gradually takes over the overwhelming gender history.

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