“Everytime a child says “I don’t believe in fairies” there is a little fairy somewhere that falls down dead” wrote James Matthew Barrie, the inventor of Peter Pan. The jolly companions from NoFit State Circus believe in fairies, no doubt. They live in Cardiff, Wales, and with Lexicon they intend to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the invention of modern circus. A tent, a row of seat, a circus floor in its midst. They invent a world where bumper desks bump into each other with live music in the background. A world where ghosts of Lewis Carroll float. A world as much shaped by joyous energy as it is by sweet nostalgia, a world where acrobats take off, climb, wave, where the genius of crafted mechanics is replaced by enduring magic. A world where one loses one’s head, where we laugh about human meanderings, where we measure ourselves to a gallery of brush-painted characters, a tight-rope walker with his white dress and parasol on a steel-wire, a gentleman riding a unicycle, here some antipodists, there some trapezists flirting with weightlessness. A wild energy backed by five musicians with their set of instruments (piano, accordion, ukulele, percussions, harmonium, guitar, bass, clarinet...) and their voices to shake you to the core.

Lexicon is the euphoria and stupor of a great uproar.

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