Nights Musical Salons


Let’s go back the 14th of July 2016 during a “World accordions night” presented at the Odeon. It was an abnormally chilly night, but largely compensated by the warmth emanating from the stage, a lot of thrills appreciators discovered there David Munnelly from Ireland : a virtuoso built like a bear with the touch of a poet, he glimmered on that night amongst the Accordion Samurai group, an astonishing association of diatonic buttons’ masters. One might consider Munnelly as the Irish Marc Perrone, an apex of sensible and playful musicality, as mind-blowing when he drive the gust of traditional Irish reels as when his fingers follow his inspirations flitting from musette to Italian tunes. Our dream was to give him the programming of an Irish night, the dream now becomes true with this breathtaking duo he forms with the guitar player Shane MacGowan. Here is an invitation to celebrate the great Eire and to hold tighter against one’s heart the accordion’s sounds- this “life-enhancing instrument”, as Daniel Mille calls it.

Diatonic button accordion David Munnelly
Guitar Shane MacGowan