Nights Musical Salons


“Dying is a wild night and a new road”. From this line by Emily Dickinson, Melissa Laveaux borrowed the title of her second record for No Format!, Dying is a Wild Night, in 2014. Her entire life path as an exiled child, born in Montreal from Haitian parents and raised in Ottawa, is condensed in the beauty of this phrase that holds tight like a fist.

Her common yet never banal story is rough at heart and stunning after all, it is the forging of an identity that could have faded away with uprooting, yet that got illuminated by the love for music. A love that the young Mélissa wanted to be unconditional and limitless, embracing with the same desire french chanson, vocal jazz, North-American folk and Haitian traditions, Elliott Smith and Beyoncé, Björk and Lhasa. Now she unleashes this syncretic power in the songs of her new record Radyo Siwèl and in her performance on stage, amongst the vapours and lightnings of a big-hearted rock avoiding any instance of platitude : a rock apart, her own rock,emerging as a kind of creole music par excellence, sharp like a tear, radiant like a rebirth.