With their 1987 hit “Beds Are Burning” they have become the flag bearers of the Aboriginal cause and more globally of the climate change warning, since the struggle for environmental protection obviously does not go without the protest against the exploitation of the most ancient and preserved lands on the planet. Twenty years later, the song was chosen at the UN to be sung by dignitaries and personalities gathered at the Copenhagen Conference. Yet the Australians from Midnight Oil - or The Oils- are not just a one hit wonder. In activity since the mid-70’s, the band has released not less than eleven records, including the well-known “Diesel and Dust” in 1987, but also many other wonders like the superb 1979 “Head Injuries”, in a much heavier style. Hop on those to adequately prepare for the event, it will be their first show in Lyon for... more than 25 years