Archipel Flamenco



In 1993, a 20 year old nobody presented himself to the selection test of the prestigious Flamenco Festival of La Union. He was from Barcelona, grew up in a family with no musical background nor Andalusian ascendency : every bet was against him. Except that since he was a kid, he had a gift to lay down any doubt and hardship. So with just a few vocal exercises, he calmly wrapped up the matter and left the concourse with four prizes. Miguel Poveda was 20 and did not have to worry about his legend : there it was already written. Now was the time for him to dedicate himself entirely to his main work : to spread out his sharp singing while mocking any kind of conservatism or current trend, poking in the cante jondo fire as much as hitting the Spanish charts, flirting with an orchestra or else with figures of the Pakistanis qawwali while guest starring in Almodovar’s Broken Embraces. As a kid, Poveda forged his vocal cords listening in his bedroom to the great voices from the past. Now 45 he has not lost this intimate tie with the flamenco style : he is one of those few singers who in the magic of the moment knows how to give its full radiance to an art dating back to time immemorial.