Nights Musical Salons


The Bolero from Puerto Rico to New York

Born in Cuba at the end of the 19th century, the bolero is this sophisticated form of romantic song which has rapidly thrived beyond its original frontiers  : emerging in Caribbean islands, in Mexico (where its most famous instance Besame Mucho, was written), all over Latin America, and eastbound until our European latitudes. But as its aficionados will tell you, bolero is more than a genre, it is a country in itself. A country of romantic hearts singing, either overcome with felicity or mad of jealousy, content or upset, feverish or broken... By calling their group Miramar, it is as if Rei Alvarez and Laura Ann Singh had given a name to that land of plenty, where emotion rules and gets turned into music. These two voices springing from New York’s Puerto Rican diaspora harmonises beautifully, backed by a pianist and a most subtle group they honour bolero’s heritage through the heartrending repertoire of one of its greatest ambassadors, the composer Sylvia Rexach (1922-1961). Authentic lyricism, quivering arrangements, swoony melodies : the heart of the  Salle Molière will beat as wildly as ever.