Nights Musical Salons



On the 11th June 2016, in front 2 000 people, les Nuits got to celebrate at the Grand théatre, the American composer Louis Thomas Hardin (1916-1999) a.k.a Moondog a.k.a “The Viking of the 6th Avenue” : one of the most singular musical figures of the 20th century, as much for his marginalised lifestyle as for his art, at once unclassifiable and immediate, equally hand-crafted and elaborate, perched high between counterpoints, native american pulses, minimalist music, swing and enchanting melodies which stand step away from pop music. For this 2019 edition, 20 years after his passing, two essential actors of our 2016 night continue the celebration : the Ensemble Minisym, led by Amaury Cornut, tireless biographer and commentator of Moondog as well as researcher of the composer’s unread scores; and the pianist Dominique Ponty who played with Moondog at the end of his life. Gathered on the stage of the Salle Molière which Moondog would have enjoyed for its remarkable acoustic, they continue to explore the vastness of his work, a repertoire that always pushes any boundaries known to living ears.