MUSICAL SALON curated by Vincent Segal

Two dreams have led us towards what is going to be an exceptional night at the Odéon.

The first one came from an old friend of the festival,  Vincent Segal, the trans-frontier cellist.  After several performances at les Nuits throughout the years, he came to suggest the idea of a one-of-a-kind musical rendez-vous. To put together a stage with some comrades keen on spontaneous exchanges, the fewest of amplification, the most of listening, and here’s our Odéon turned into an intimate musical salon.

The second dream was one Laurent Bizot fulfilled when he founded his own record label No Førmat! back in 2004. More than a label really, it is a world’s vision that this enlightened producer has been defending. A pioneering work with no blinker nor frontier which Vincent Segal, through his recorded duets with Ballaké Sissoko and Piers Faccini splendidly contributed to. To celebrate Nø Førmat!’s 15th anniversary, we naturally asked Vincent Segal to program a special night under the sign  of musical open-mindedness.

Fellows Ballaké and Piers will be present, of course, but also two other regulars of the label, Blick Bassy and Gerald Toto, along with a trio of musicians who have proved through their musical paths and choices to be drawn to the same sensitive ideal : accordion player Vincent Peirani, saxophonist Émile Parisien and percussionist Lucie Antunes.

Together, they will form a musical circle under the starry sky for which the ultimate guest of honour will be the Fourvière audience, invited to a moment of sweet and rare intensity.

Since its creation, Nø Førmat! has developed a utopic principle of welcoming, beyond any stylistic restraints, diverse musical forms embracing the riches of our globalized “Whole-World”. From Gonzales’ piano solo debut album to the records of Malian artists Mamani Keïta and Oumou Sangaré, from the Brazilian agitator Lucas Santtana to the unclassifiable sirens Kyrie Kristmanson and Ala.ni, Nø Førmat! affirms in its own particular way that music is much more than a product reducible to a computer algorhythm : it is also this language allowing people to hear each other beyond their differences.

The night of the concert, starting from 7 pm, ticket holders for this night are invited for a meeting and a free apéritif at the Village of the festival, with Laurent Bizot, founder of the Nø Førmat! label