New Order, or the astonishing story of a group that has always been about rebirth... It was founded in 1980 upon the ruins of Joy Division, devastated by the suicide of its singer Ian Curtis, which already denoted a surprising burst of vitality. Next there was in 1983, the Blue Monday revolution : an international hit which, still today remains both the prototype and the outstanding synthesis of what the electronic movement has been able to engender from the first shake-ups of house music to Daft Punk.  Then, from one mutant album to another, they have developed this singular way to regenerate by cross-breeding tissues of post-punk with synth-pop, by blending elbow grease and lush sophisticated sound. Even the departure of his historic bass player Peter Hook did not break the band’s dynamic.
Let’s just say that New Order shows, sweeping a repertoire of songs from Joy Division to the latest album Music Complete, are more than just a simple collection of greatest hits : they are flamboyant treaties of re-lease, again and again.