How could one describe the record collections Ethiopiques, created and directed by the genius explorer Francis Falceto ? How could one describe this musical treasure, comprised of thirty volumes so far and whose show this evening will celebrate the 20th anniversary ? Let’s say it is like an adventure novel, the finding of a lost world. Without Ethiopiques, no one would have known that  1960’s Ethiopia was an Eldorado for over-excited singers and orchestras and that in the “swinging Addis” we used to combine rock’n’roll pleasures with soul, jazz and pentatonic chant. What is even more beautiful is that this story deadened by the 1974 dictatorship, has come back to life. It has now its legends like Mahmoud Hamed, flamboyant prince of this musical dynasty saved from oblivion, or the famous soul singer and pianist Girma Beyene. It has also engendered a brilliant posterity like the fiery singer Eténesh Wassié. These three stars from Abyssinia, supported by the contagious “ethio-groove”from the Akalé Wubé group will be reunited in Fourviere to constitute an exclusive line-up.

They will be preceded by the sudanese singer Alsarah who, from her Brooklyn quarter has elaborated the magic formula of an eastern african pop mixing Nubian and soul musics.

Ethiopic Starter
The night of the show, at 7:30 pm, the ticket holders for this “Ethiopic” night will be invited to a conference and a free starter at the Odeon, with Francis Falceto, creator, producer and head of the “Ethiopiques” collection