To try to explain what sort of rare element Canadian singer Patrick Watson is made of, let’s just describe his first appearance (the word is appropriate) at les Nuits. It was back in 2018, at the end of certain representations of the Paradoxe de Georges (“Georges’ Paradox”) that his friend Yann Frisch, the wunderkind of the “magie nouvelle” (“new magic”) was presenting in his 80 sits Truck-Circus tent. Having barely come back down to earth after the performance, the audience, in the small entrance space of this uncommon spot, would run into a man sat behind an upright piano. It was Watson who, freely shuffling through the different cards of his inspirations, was here to enchant them in his turn for almost an hour with his inimitable muffled and creased singing. In 2019, it will be at the Grand théâtre that one will find this bewitching vocalist, backed by his own group and the 56 musicians of the Orchestre National de Lyon. A radical change of setting and scale, but the perspective remains the same for someone who, in studio as on stage, has been giving pop songwriting new sources of enchantment for more than fifteen years.

It will be then another night of magic to which Patrick Watson invite all kind of public, connoisseur or novice. Here’s a performance that will be made with dream-like fabric, with the beauty both grave and joyful of children’s games, revealing the touch of a true, inventive genius.

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