Creation, co-production


from the play by ANTON TCHEKHOV, directed by LORRAINE DE SAGAZAN

This unfinished, raw and tremendous play was written by a young Chekhov and clear of the expertise of the confirmed writer he would later become. Composed as a gigantic draft whose bumps and lumps gets closer to life itself, it posits the topic of inheritance, conditioning and fatherlessness.

Platonov rises as a character with a critical mind : On what lies are our lives founded ?

Yet critical minds rarely succeed in exposing collective lies in plain sight. A perfect epitome for our time of uncertainty, Platonov is a working man, tied to the social world, existing through the fantasized eyes of the others, a man who is expected to do much more than what he is actually capable of. Such condition leads him to voluntarily and consciously burn a part of his vital energy, to no avail. Against a backdrop of social divide, Chekhov's visionary play thus resonates. To us people living with the certainty that “it can not go on like this”, in a world where the individual’s value seems to be only balanced with the rules of the market.


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