Riyad Fghani is a self-taught man, a man of great gentleness, radiant intelligence, and a high-level dancer. At first he would break-dance with friends on the parvis of the Opera de Lyon. They call themselves Pockemon Crew and through hard work and perseverance, they weave links with several ballet dancers and thrive on choregraphies by Kylian and Forsythe, perfecting their art by taking inspiration from the rigour of classical ballet. With on one side the desire to create, and on the other, the battles where awards multiply, they become champions in France, Europe and then world-wide, they become legends. The doors of the Opera open for them, they stay there for a ten-year residency where creations of choreographies emerge. From five dancers the crew grows to forty and the shows travel the world. Riyad Fghani does not mind calling this story a fairy tale, if one tries to ask him how he did all that, he shyly answers “I am a stubborn one, when someone says no, I hear yes”. Pockemon Crew’s beautiful career turns 20 this year. They honour us by celebrating their anniversary at the Grand Théâtre.