Initiated in 2015 with Music is My Home, a summit gathering with American bluesmen, the fellowship between les Nuits and Raphaël Imbert gets richer with this new step. Following the release of an album which has shaken to its core the small world of French jazz, Music is My Hope is a major milestone in the career of the saxophone player, composer and improviser. With his limitless breath and visions, the restless music smuggler goes to another level with his exploration of spirituals, blues, soul, folk music and protest songs. He plunges, or rather elevates those lively matters in an overheated pot where the sacred and the profane, protest and hope, intimacy and community are passionately embraced. If the admirable Marion Rampal and Aurore Imbert are here the two main singers, everything in Music is My Hope is in fact destined to sing, to vibrate: voices and instruments, bodies and souls, musicians and audience. Everything blazes, everything shines in one of those shared moments that echo what folksinger Phil Ochs once said : “In such ugly times, the only true protest is beauty”.

Meeting with Raphaël Imbert
MusicalameOn Tuesday the 15th of May at 7:30 pm at the Musicalame bookstore, 16 rue Pizay, Lyon 1er
Free entrance with reservations