Nights Musical Salons


Based in France since 1987, Argentinian accordion player Raúl Barboza is a quiet force who succeeded in importing the chamame over here : a music born from ancestral mixing between Guarani and Spanish people, Andean traditions and European cultures, which from the 20th century onward has given the first role to the diatonic accordion, combining it with guitar, harp, percussions... Magnificent music, at once wild and sophisticated, ethereal and telluric, impetuous and full of swing, it would certainly be blessed by the gods if it did not have the misfortune to be born in the land of tango ! It required the persuasive activity of a gentle colossus such as Barboza to crack at last the husk of contempt that was surrounding it, and for its treasures to go more easily through the hands of inheritors determined to defend it. Chango Spasiuk is one of those. A skilful and feverish musician, he has injected in his turn a serious dose of fresh blood in this ever-vibrating traditional body. You can imagine what could be the result of a live meeting between these two alchemists, who run airs of chanting gold through the bellows of their accordion.