Creation, co-production


Stage direction YOANN BOURGEOIS musical direction LAURENCE EQUILBEY


Close your eyes and imagine the scene. An orchestra, 22 choristers, 4 soloists, 8 dancers. A huge black banister, like a 8 meter-high skateboard rail, taking up the entire stage. A set that progressively rises towards the fly loft. Here and there are some trapdoors. The set design occupies the entire stage area, yet being colored in black it remains almost invisible. The idea is to make appear a great ballet of tumbling and fluttering bodies. Appearance and disappearance thus create a sense of infinite circulation, a continuous movement, a choreographic line onto which fragments of Mozart’s Requiem are overlaid.

Open your eyes. This magic banister was imagined by Yoann Bourgeois whose intention was to bring into play and movement all the artists present on stage, and conceived it in such a way as to amplify two physical phenomenons : the fall and the centrifugal force. With the Requiem, and the complicity of Laurence Equilbey, his ambition is to let silence speak, not to add up but rather create space, to act as a counterpoint. Bodies veritiginously tumble in the void. Thus will be embodied the radiance of his circus lexicon, his practice of juggling and acrobatics. Bodies will juggle on stage to the rhythm of Mozart’s Requiem.

Requim (original fragment), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart