With their first three albums The Hurting (1983), Songs From the Big Chair (1985) et The Seeds of Love (1989), British Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith have achieved more than simply channeling the spirit of the 1980’s, they have contributed to defining it. It was one of those rare, fascinating, and a little miraculous moments where an art project with conceptual ambition suddenly found a breach towards the mainstream and became part of a universal language. “Mad World”, “Head over Heels”, “Shout”, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”... all those uncanny hits, improbable as much as inevitable, share a common point: they all deal with mental health, our traumas and their most remote origins, this “primal scream”, theorised in a book by the American psychologist  Arthur Janov which has also inspired its name to the band. It does not exactly sound like the ideal material to feed a hit factory! Yet by blending their cerebral approach of music with a taste of experimentation in the purest, most childish sense of the term - push a button and see what happens -, it is as if they had rubbed the lamp. And the pop genie had come out.