Nights Musical Salons


Robert Crumb, Philippe Krümm and their friends

When the words “bal musette” are pronounced in society, it is not rare to provoke with them a crooked smile. Is bal-musette a dusty and obsolete genre ? Yeah right !

It is under the same currently triumphing label of “musiques urbaines” that it should go appropriately : it is in fact on the paved streets of Paris that it was born and raised at the beginning of the 20th century, shaking the landscape of popular music, the same way jazz did in New Orleans, tango in Buenos Aires or rebetiko in Athens.

Conceived as an illustrated and living history of bal-musette, this night will be a fantastic opportunity to refresh one’s memory and lugholes. Around the figure of Émile Vacher (1883-1969) the creator of bal-musette and java who passed away 50 years ago, it will unfold in two parts :

- a listening of rare 78 rpms, commented by two passionate men : the legendary comic book artist Robert Crumb and our not-less-legendary friend Philippe Krümm, specialist of traditional musics.
- then a creation specially imagined for a gathering of nine musicians composing the contemporary cream of the genre.

The two acts will design a true “bal-musette salon”, unveiling the thousand nuances of a popular art, that was also invented first and foremost for the sheer pleasure of the ears.