It’s been 13 years already since Claude Nougaro has gone “saluer le mystère” (“to salute the mystery”), as he sang it in Il faut tourner la page (One must turn the page). But the singer from Toulouse is resuscitated and even reinvented every time this trio of free spirits decide to get together and celebrate him. A celebration full of words, sounds and rhythms blended, of course.

With the “vocalchmist” André Minvielle, who is back in Fourvière, the elegant Babx and the crazy blower Thomas de Pourquery, the passion for Nougaro is never stiff. With them the past is deconstructed and recomposed, standards rediscover the essence of their eternal youth, thus woven with the improvisational thread of revery and fantasy... Don’t miss this concert : these three fellows, with their busy lives of artists, don’t have many opportunity to perform their theft. This show has thus doubly the sweet and intense flavours of reunion. It has the beauty of a rare meeting between friends while bringing us back with an infinite tenderness in the arms of songs still present, of songs still alive from the great Claude.

Meeting with André Minvieille
MusicalameTuesday the 29th of may at 7:30 pm at Musicalame bookstore, 16 rue Pizay, Lyon 1er
Free entrance with reservations or +33 04 78 29 01 34