Take a bit of light, a lot of love, a dose of poetry, stir them all discreetly in one of the best studios in the world, Paul Butler’s (The Bees) Californian lair, and you’ll get one of this year’s finest albums. This album is called Les Sources, Vanessa Paradis’ seventh release. Five years after the large-scale arrangements of Love Songs, she proves again that she can sing anything - her voice has never sounded as good- and that folk and soul territories suits her more than anything else. Several gifted penmen were hired for the projects, first and foremost her husband Samuel Benchetrit. Four songs are written and composed by him and he shared the job with her on two others, including the charming ballad Si Loin Si Proche. The mischievous Adrien Gallo (BB Brunes) and our dear Fabio Viscogliosi each brought two track as well. They are songs cut out for the road and the wide open space.