Zazie goes forward, still and always. Last year she released her tenth album L’Essenciel, produced with the complicity of studios magician Edith Fambuena. Twelve new tracks navigating between rock, chanson and electronic and proving that after a career spanning on  thirty years, Zazie has definitely processed her mutation towards electronic music.

Without getting rid of piano and guitar, machines entered Zazie’s world about ten years ago, somewhere between the gargantuan Za7ie  and her masterpiece Cyclo, they have  deepened her work. On L’Essenciel, they are domesticated, both all over the place and wisely measured, from the lively Speed to the ultimate track, La Source, that spread over more than eight minutes. In the middle, the charming ballad Nos âmes sont stands out as an exception. On stage, this song amongst others will certainly be a wonderful bridge between new songs and older bravura pieces.