Ex Anima

Like a breath from the soul,
“ a horse neighs somewhere,
 until the end of the world” (Joseph Delteil)

For almost thirty years now at the core of the Zingaro odyssey, horses have lived and worked by our side. They are the inspiration for our creations, the driving force of our desire.
Through contact with them, we have learnt to make ourselves salvage in order to receive the lessons they have been willing to teach us, and to eventually learn that they are “a memory part of ourselves” (Michel Onfray).

For this ultimate creation, I would like to celebrate them as the true actors of this one-of-a-kind “equestrian theater”... As an attempt to perform a ritual without memory, this will be a ceremony where the spectators will be amazed to contemplate the animal as the mirror of humanity.

In order to do this, we must learn to divest ourselves from our ego, from our individual bodies in favor of a shared, anonymous one... To be only a presence in the backdrop and become “exhibitors of horses” and with them, explore new grounds.


Press cutting
“ Bartabas’ ultimate experiment” Telerama
“ Zingaro vibrates more than ever” Les Échos
“ We hear the horses’ breath as we hold ours” Le Monde
“ Splendors and enchantments at the Zingaro Theater” Le Figaro