In the early years as a performer, Chan Marshall, a.k.a Cat Power, was this folksinger who confronted the audience with her imperfections. But since then, she has made her career a bright spell. She is now the radiant icon of indie pop as she proves it with Wanderer, a luminous record of rare intensity where the American singer flutters like a butterfly, even having fun with a cover of Rihanna. After all these years, her silky voice and tender ballads still incite to open new windows wide on the world at large.

Since Hypernuit, Bertrand Belin is one of the few who grants another kind of grandeur to francophone music. It was thus logical to see him praised like a master for his new record Persona, where his sound has reached excellence in preciseness (perfectly straight lines, minimal tools) and shimmer (a thousand shades and reflections in each chosen word). It will be the third coming at Fourvière for this brilliant writer, it will be another reason to exult. As the godfather of the Tucson musical scene in Arizona (Calexico owes him its foundation), Howe Gelb has been, for more than thirty years, reshaping the contours of folk, rock, country music and jazz... Don’t miss this drawling outsider : it is certainly one the world’s most elegant gentleman who will open this tasteful night.